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Premier League
How will Frank Lampard deal with his first taste of adversity?
17:01 Tuesday 21st January 2020

A month or two ago, things were all rosy for Chelsea Football Club. Super Frank Lampard was propelling the blues up the table, goals were free-flowing and most importantly; the fans were enjoying themselves once again. They had their club back…

Premier League
Fiyako Tomori: The crowning jewel for Chelsea
17:01 Wednesday 23rd October 2019

When Frank Lampard took over the reins at Chelsea, nobody really knew what to expect. With a transfer ban looming over the London club's head, the Blues cult hero was expected to dip into the fountain of youth at Stamford Bridge - and my…

Premier League
3 youngsters who can thrive at Frank Lampard's Chelsea
08:00 Thursday 4th July 2019

Modern times call for modern solutions. With the Maurizio Sarri era a relatively short one even for the Blues, Chelsea are shifting gears. Roman Abramovich is exiting his Italian phase and isn't looking for a marquee manager. Perhaps the…

Premier League
Why Frank Lampard shouldn't take over as Chelsea manager this summer
08:01 Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Chelsea Football Club has always been synonymous with chopping and changing their managers like it's going out of fashion. Roman Abramovich has found a style of ownership that works for him and his beloved Blues. However, the Stamford Bridge…

Premier League
Chelsea: No Hazard to lose Sarri and vice versa
15:00 Saturday 8th June 2019

There is winning. There is looking good doing it. Both are about prestige. One truth about Chelsea Football Club is they care more about the former than the latter. Despite his penchant for Italian managers, it’s been documented…

Europa League critical to Chelsea, Sarri
17:00 Thursday 14th March 2019

Once Roman Abramovich purchased the club, Chelsea grew into a European force. Jose Mourinho and other great managers lived under the pressure to deliver every season. The Russian's vast resources and insatiable interest dominated the…

Premier League
Fergie's fledglings and Roman's orphans on different sides of history
08:00 Monday 4th February 2019

First George Santayana then Dame Shirley Bassey warned that, if we're not attentive, history repeats. Edward Lorenz and Ashton Kutcher also cautioned us to pay attention to detail because writing the future isn't as easy as it…

Premier League
The art of Premier League football imitating life... or not
17:00 Friday 9th November 2018

People say football is a microcosm of life. A mirror image, if you will. The game's machinations do parody society, albeit not always in the same manner. Sometimes the mirror reflects a negative image, like the photo process wherein light…

Premier League
Sacking Antonio Conte marks a tonal shift for Chelsea
19:00 Thursday 12th July 2018

So, the inevitable has happened, Chelsea have sacked Antonio Conte; adding him to the long list of managers Roman Abramovich has fallen out of love with. Conte may have delivered the title in his first season, but last year proved to be a disaster,…

Will Chelsea suffer from another summer of transfer inactivity?
08:00 Tuesday 19th June 2018

As last summer’s transfer window got into gear, Chelsea couldn't make up their minds on which players to sign. Meanwhile, they had sold some of their own. Diego Costa was cut loose via text message while £40million was preferred…

Fa Cup
Why this FA Cup matters and why it doesn't
08:00 Saturday 19th May 2018

We all know the narrative. The FA Cup is the oldest living football competition on the planet. It’s also the largest. Wanderers won the initial Challenge Cup, the FA’s formal name for the competition to which all its members are…

Managerial News
Is Carlo Ancelotti primed to manage Chelsea again?
12:00 Monday 14th May 2018

They say, that in football, that you never go back. Carlo Ancelotti, the great Italian manager that has won three Champions League titles is still out of work after being sacked by Bayern Munich back in September 2017. He has been linked to…

Premier League
It's time for Eden Hazard to be selfish
15:00 Saturday 5th May 2018

Belgian superstar Eden Hazard was, for a short time last season, the best player in the Premier League. The same could have been said regarding the 2014/15 campaign. The fleet-footed forward was central to everything Chelsea did. This season,…

Managerial News
Chelsea should go all out for Brendan Rodgers
09:30 Sunday 22nd April 2018

It is not an open secret that Chelsea boss Antonio Conte will leave Stamford Bridge at season's end. He has burnt his bridges with the club hierarchy. The Italian tactician has complained bitterly about not being able to improve his…

Premier League
Chelsea on a lonely road to decline
18:00 Friday 13th April 2018

Chelsea Football Club is in decline. It was not supposed to be this way. At times, the Blues dominated English football during the last 15 years. However, owner Roman Abramovich is losing steam. The Russian billionaire is struggling to compete…