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Can Kevin Harper inspire greater diversity in Scottish football?
17:01 Wednesday 16th October 2019

Step inside Cliftonhill stadium and you’ll be met with an anachronism. This is the home of Albion Rovers, one of the SPFL’s lowest-ranked clubs. While the tiny ground sits less than ten miles from Celtic Park, it might as well be…

England National Team
Rooney Rule morally wrong but a societal necessity
08:00 Friday 19th January 2018

The best person for the job. That should be the target for any organisation in any industry when they are hiring a new employee. It does not matter the role. It does not matter the person's background. It does not matter whether they…

Pressure For 'Rooney Rule' Mounts On English Football
13:08 Monday 6th October 2014

English football is in a time warp. While the first black player to play for the full national team was Viv Anderson in the late 70's, almost 40 years on can we really imagine a black man managing our national team, or even any of our top club…