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Heading for change? Should the ball stay on the carpet to prevent concussion?
17:01 Saturday 7th March 2020

After NFL star Aaron Hernandez died in a Massachusetts prison, researchers at Boston University found his brain severely damaged. Repeated head traumas over the course of his sporting career had rendered his grey matter withered and warped. The…

Will these proposed FIFA rules make our football unrecognisable?
16:30 Friday 23rd June 2017

Ever heard of the International Football Association Board (IFAB)? It's the organisation under FIFA, responsible for defining the rules of football worldwide. Take a look at the proposed football rules by IFAB, don't you think it'll water down…

Rule changes that could be introduced to football
17:30 Friday 24th March 2017

Sky Sports recently conducted a poll as part of Support the Ref week, allowing members of the public to vote on what changes they would like introduced to football. As well as looking at the suggestions and outcome, we evaluate the merits of…

We Want Our Football Back
01:45 Saturday 14th January 2012

Ex pros from the 'good old days' and football fans nationwide have, for some time now, been fearing that the game has been heading in very much the wrong direction and is not ‘what it used to be'. The Billy Bremners, Ron Harrises' and Vinnie…