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European Football
12 Days of Football 2019/20: Twelve dreamers dreaming
08:01 Wednesday 1st January 2020

On the eleventh day of football, UEFA gave to me Twelve dreamers dreaming, Eleven keepers keeping, Ten lads-a-leaping, Nine ladies playing, Eight managers managing, Seven sides-a-sinking, Six games amazing, Five Golden Goals! Four calls blown,…

Can Steve Clarke revive Scotland's fortunes?
12:01 Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Heedless of the rain falling in relentless sheets over the stadium, the midfielder steps up for the free-kick. The ball curls neatly into the top corner. The 6-0 rout is complete. Despite a dominant display, no one is particularly…

Can aspiring football nations really prosper?
18:30 Monday 4th September 2017

Malta tend to lose. Gibraltar tend to lose. San Marino tend to lose. Is there any point in them even trying to qualify for the major tournaments? Given their attempts will be greeted with disappointment and probable heartache for their followers.…

Book Review: Worst in the world - International Football at the Bottom
09:02 Monday 15th August 2016

Everyone likes to support the underdog, whether it is in domestic competitions or in the international ones, we lean toward the giant killers and the ‘cupsets'. ‘Worst in the world' is a look at the international teams who…

England National Team
Will The England Euro 2016 Qualifiers Be A Formalitly Or A Fight?
09:30 Thursday 9th October 2014

Jack Kitson takes a look at the upcoming England matches as the Three Lions continue their journey for Euro 2016 qualification. The international break returns complete with the next batch of Euro 2016 qualifiers. Group E frontrunners England…