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Managerial News
Imagining the Jose Mourinho testimonial
08:00 Wednesday 29th May 2019

I ate Chinese last night. The fortune cookie spooked me. Ability will enable a man to get to the top but character will keep him from falling. How did they know I was planning to write about Jose Mourinho? The Special One is finding it difficult…

Premier League
Who stays, who Goes? Analysing Manchester United's central midfield
12:40 Thursday 25th August 2016

With the addition of fan favourite and now most expensive player of all time Paul Pogba, the Red Devils' midfield is undoubtedly stronger.  Perhaps the strongest in the league.  United finally have some depth and a range of midfield combinations…

Can It Be Bayern and Dortmund's Time to Shine?
17:03 Wednesday 24th August 2011

‘FC Bayern fur immer nummer eins': FC Bayern forever number one. That's a famous song bellowed out by the Bayern fans on the terraces over the years but last year that was not certainly the case as a young and exciting Borussia Dortmund side…