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From Atlanta to Aberdeen, it's a mediocre match made in heaven
12:00 Tuesday 26th November 2019

Ah, the mighty cities of Atlanta and Aberdeen. They’ve a lot in common, haven’t they? They’ve both been referenced in Matt Groening cartoons, they both have names beginning with an A and now Atlanta United president Darren…

Can Kevin Harper inspire greater diversity in Scottish football?
17:01 Wednesday 16th October 2019

Step inside Cliftonhill stadium and you’ll be met with an anachronism. This is the home of Albion Rovers, one of the SPFL’s lowest-ranked clubs. While the tiny ground sits less than ten miles from Celtic Park, it might as well be…

Week 3 27/08/11
21:19 Friday 26th August 2011

You know that your league is in trouble when Ireland have more representatives in Europe than you do. I'm not going to focus too much on Europe because I would just spend too much time complaining about Scotland and I'm not really one forkicking…