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From Atlanta to Aberdeen, it's a mediocre match made in heaven
12:00 Tuesday 26th November 2019

Ah, the mighty cities of Atlanta and Aberdeen. They’ve a lot in common, haven’t they? They’ve both been referenced in Matt Groening cartoons, they both have names beginning with an A and now Atlanta United president Darren…

Can Kevin Harper inspire greater diversity in Scottish football?
17:01 Wednesday 16th October 2019

Step inside Cliftonhill stadium and you’ll be met with an anachronism. This is the home of Albion Rovers, one of the SPFL’s lowest-ranked clubs. While the tiny ground sits less than ten miles from Celtic Park, it might as well be…

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day and I'm Feeling Good
15:13 Tuesday 14th August 2012

Welcome to my first blog as part of the ‘It's Round & It's White' community.  I am a lifelong Aberdeen supporter as well as a follower of Norwich City...and yes that is an Inter Milan badge in my avatar but more about that later.After what…