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Book Review - The Illustrated History of Football
16:40 Thursday 30th March 2017

You might not instantly recognise the name.  However, the work of David Squires will be instantly recognisable to football fans around the world as his weekly comic strips have adorned the Guardian newspaper for several years now. His spot…

European Football
48 team World Cup expansion to go ahead but not for footballing reasons.
16:00 Wednesday 11th January 2017

FIFA has sacrificed footballs ultimate prize in a political move to placate the pockets lesser nations.

Sepp Blatter was just trying to save the butterflies
11:45 Friday 16th December 2016

On Monday, I wrote a piece centred on Rob Styles' performance in Sunday's match between Manchester United and Tottenham at Old Trafford, illustrating how the rules of the game can sometimes make life difficult for referees. Wednesday evening…

Sepp Blatter resigns from FIFA, the internet reacts
13:27 Wednesday 3rd June 2015

After winning the latest bout of FIFA Presidential Elections, (despite a massive FBI investigation into "alleged" corruption) Sepp Blatter sensational resigned from his post, causing the Football World to cheer collectively at once. Never has…

Sepp Blatter remains in control of FIFA for another term, really he has....
10:10 Saturday 30th May 2015

FIFA and corruption seem to go hand in hand lately, despite the recent arrests of seven top ranking officials and the 2022 World Cups being awarded to Qatar it seems that we will be stuck with Sepp Blatter in control of HMS FIFA for another…

The Good, The Bad and The Blatter
23:57 Wednesday 11th January 2012

It is astonishing to think that a man, arguably the most powerful in world football, could be so out of touch with the game he has now governed for almost 14 years. I speak of course, of FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Spectators across the globe…

Why Can't Mr. Blatter and FIFA Just Show A Bit of Heart and Common Sense?
15:09 Wednesday 9th November 2011

“Our core values of authenticity, unity, performance and integrity are at the very heart of who we are.” “We believe it is our responsibility to foster unity within the football world and to use football to promote solidarity, regardless of…