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Is Michael O'Neill the hero Stoke City needs?
12:01 Thursday 14th November 2019

When Stoke City fired manager Nathan Jones nine months into his tenure, questions were asked about who should take the vacant position. Since the departure of Mark Hughes in 2018, the situation in Staffordshire has gone from bad to worse, a…

The Two Sides of the Coin: Tevez vs Shamrock Rovers
23:43 Thursday 29th September 2011
By Fez

As the Europa League game between Spurs and Shamrock Rovers was coming to an end, The Hoops' fans were singing, jubilant and extremely proud of their team's performance against Premier League team Spurs! I had watched a team that oozed passion,…

Week 3 27/08/11
21:19 Friday 26th August 2011

You know that your league is in trouble when Ireland have more representatives in Europe than you do. I'm not going to focus too much on Europe because I would just spend too much time complaining about Scotland and I'm not really one forkicking…