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Premier League
Fergie's fledglings and Roman's orphans on different sides of history
08:00 Monday 4th February 2019

First George Santayana then Dame Shirley Bassey warned that, if we're not attentive, history repeats. Edward Lorenz and Ashton Kutcher also cautioned us to pay attention to detail because writing the future isn't as easy as it…

Premier League
Pochettino back to being worst Premier League manager ever
08:00 Wednesday 30th January 2019

When, not if Mauricio Pochettino wins his first trophy, be it with Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain or some hitherto unmooted third party, the theme struck across social media will be inevitability.…

Premier League
Mourinho v Sir Alex: Winning as a means and an end
17:00 Tuesday 27th November 2018

You want to believe in a manager who's won multiple Champions Leagues and titles in four top-flight competitions. Jose Mourinho makes that difficult. You're never certain what game he's playing. Even when you understand he's…

Is being a sacking club the way forward in modern day football?
12:00 Tuesday 16th October 2018

Being a 'sacking club' has built up quite the stigma around Europe with clubs like Chelsea and Real Madrid routinely being criticised for not giving their managers sufficient time to turn a bad situation around. Looking back at the…

Premier League
Equal Time: Leonardo Jardim is not right for Manchester United
09:00 Monday 15th October 2018

After four years at AS Monaco’s helm, Leonardo Jardim was formally relieved of his managerial duties last week. For all the hipsters, gamers and revolutionaries in football and social media circles, his availability represented the perfect…

Premier League
Equal Time: Why Tottenham will miss out the Champions League spots
12:00 Friday 10th August 2018

Daniel Levy’s frugal approach will come back to bite him where it hurts, in Tottenham’s pocket. Failure to bolster Mauricio Pochettino’s squad will condemn Spurs to missing out on the gilded Champions League. Whether…

Premier League
Manchester United can get back to winning ways by getting back to Fergie's way
09:00 Friday 27th July 2018

Not everyone has children but we all started out as one. At some point, a parent tried to get you to do something you’d never done, maybe a push-up or chin-up, maybe just walking across the balance beam in the local playground. Life to…

One reason to take Cristiano Ronaldo transfer rumours seriously
09:00 Friday 6th July 2018

I didn’t think Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Real Madrid until he can no longer perform at a world-class level and must find a less competitive division to further his obsession with the game. Given his dedication to both fitness and skill,…

Premier League
Farewell Michael Carrick
17:00 Monday 21st May 2018

It's all over. As Manchester United's season drew to a close at Wembley on Saturday, so did Michael Carrick's stellar career. The last man standing from that special 2008 team is now gone. An incredible servant to the club, the…

Does even Zlatan have limits?
17:00 Wednesday 16th May 2018

You win some; you lose some. So goes the oft-repeated phrase. For the last 18 years, however, no one has had reason to say it to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. From the time he joined Ajax until he left Manchester United, the supremely talented, supremely…

Premier League
Why Jose Mourinho is happy to see the back of Rui Faria at Manchester United
15:00 Wednesday 16th May 2018

Not replacing Rui Faria allows Jose Mourinho to serve up the same stagnant dross, if not worse, at Old Trafford next season. Few perceived the new reality that opened when Jose Mourinho announced his long-time partner would embark on his managerial…

Premier League
David de Gea has finally won his first Golden Glove
14:00 Saturday 12th May 2018

Manchester United travelled to the London Stadium on Thursday night in what was a dull 0-0 draw. Both teams had half chances to score but neither side took advantage of them. The point secured second place for the Reds while the Hammers were…

Premier League
Huddersfield Town show us how to live
17:30 Thursday 10th May 2018

Life is precious. To fight for it is the noblest undertaking that exists. Sir Alex Ferguson is a prime example. On the last Sunday in April, he stood on the pitch at Old Trafford, smiling, full of life, and made a final gesture of peace to…

Premier League
Fergie's legacy continues to grow five years after retirement
08:00 Monday 7th May 2018

The football world was stunned on Saturday when news broke that Sir Alex Ferguson had been admitted to hospital and undergone surgery for a brain haemorrhage. Fans from all clubs across the game united to express their hope that he can battle…

Premier League
Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal: Wenger's road misery continues
08:30 Monday 30th April 2018

Manchester United vs Arsenal. Jose Mourinho vs Arsene Wenger. Whatever the situation, this will always be a big game. The tables were turned as Arsenal travelled to Old Trafford in the midst of a Europa League run. It was the mirror fixture…

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