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Premier League
Why Amazon Prime Sport is already winning over football fans
19:00 Friday 6th December 2019

For the last three decades, Sky Sports have had a stranglehold on Premier League football like no other. Sure, Setanta Sports (remember them?), ESPN and more recently, BT Sport have been in amongst it, though to a much lesser extent. The common…

Review: Fifty Cup Finals - My Life in Football by Nick Collins
17:00 Sunday 25th November 2018

  Nick Collins is a football sage. He’s often round the corner with his moustache and microphone. Now, he’s put pen to paper, musing on his lengthy career in sports journalism. He has many stories to tell. Title:                      …

Non League
Jamie Vardy V9 Academy continues to showcase Non-League talent
15:00 Wednesday 20th June 2018

As the world, including England striker Jamie Vardy, focuses on Russia, a batch of Non-League players have minds elsewhere as they look to secure a professional contract at the second V9 Academy.  Vardy's story has been told many times…

Premier League
Jamie Carragher suspended by Sky due to spitting incident
08:45 Tuesday 13th March 2018

Will Monday Night Football ever be the same again as Sky Sports suspend the former player? Unless you have been under a rock you would have seen by the now the altercation on a motorway which was filmed by the people on the receiving end…

Premier League
Why is analysis of pundits' analysis a thing?
22:00 Wednesday 28th February 2018

Everyone has heard what Gary Neville had to say about Arsenal's insipid performance in last weekend's Carabao Cup defeat to Manchester City. 'Disgrace' and 'spineless' create a veritable storm on and off social media. …

Non League
The Jamie Vardy V9 Academy showcases talent outside the Football League
13:21 Tuesday 24th October 2017

Jamie Vardy and his team at the V9 Academy have been on the hunt for the talent in the Non-League game. Their aim was to find players that can make it as a professional, but did they manage to find talent outside of the top four divisions in…

The Weird And The Wonderful
Today’s football analysis and its problems
17:00 Monday 5th June 2017

We all love football. That's what has brought you right here to this very article and website. Yet, the game today is infected with former players and pundits in suits talking about the game; offering very little content of worth. A football…

Rule changes that could be introduced to football
17:30 Friday 24th March 2017

Sky Sports recently conducted a poll as part of Support the Ref week, allowing members of the public to vote on what changes they would like introduced to football. As well as looking at the suggestions and outcome, we evaluate the merits of…

Premier League
Why Paul Merson owes Marco Silva an apology.
18:30 Thursday 2nd February 2017

Last night Marco Silva pulled off another tactical masterclass. His Hull City team for the second time in a week got the better of a Manchester United side worth 8x the value of his Hull squad. This has left more egg on the face of armchair…

John Terry - Not One of Life's 'Thinkers'
21:59 Sunday 29th April 2012

Adrian Chiles, face like a bruised thumb, looks over at Jamie Redknapp, before a television audience of millions and says “Well, we should give John Terry credit for being man enough to accept responsibility for what he did tonight.” No Adrian,…

Should We Ban 3 O'Clock Kick Offs?
13:51 Friday 7th October 2011

Nestled deep into urban Hampshire, few would envisage a landlady of a pub potentially changing football.But that's exactly what Karen Murphy is doing, or at least forging the first few steps of. Murphy's triumph over the Premier League in midweek…

Newcastle United - Transfer Review
13:40 Friday 2nd September 2011

Transfer deadline day is becoming something of a poisoned chalice to Newcastle United fans. A brief look back at the clubs recent history tells you as much. During the summer of 2008, Newcastle were on a high after the return of former player,…