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Anti-social Media - How fans have blown the chance to connect with their heroes
22:00 Thursday 8th March 2018

Social media is about as social as a drunk shouting at a discarded kebab outside a takeaway after a heavy night. These putrid platforms, these cauldrons of hate, were created to bring people together, to bridge the gap between humans,…

West Ham prove marketing worthless when results poor
09:00 Tuesday 5th September 2017

Football clubs can spend all the money they want on communications, marketing and social media. However, in the long term, these are worthless without results on the pitch. Social media and digital marketing are undoubtedly transforming the…

Long live unique Social Media player announcements
16:00 Monday 10th July 2017

The public should reserve their admonishments on the rise of unique 'social media player announcements' and instead respect the fashion in which clubs are beginning to recognise the importance of connecting with their fans through the social…

Social Networking's Rubbish Rumours
14:50 Tuesday 24th July 2012

Social networking sites are becoming unbearable with the constant stream of rumours about foreign players from not only local journalists but so claimed 'in the know' reporters from all corners of the world.These reporters (especially the Kuwaiti…