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The sports science revolution
11:30 Friday 3rd February 2017

Football has taken bigger steps forward over the past 10 years than it has ever done. The influx of money from astronomical TV deals, foreign investors and increased coverage have brought the most popular sport on the planet to new levels.…

Does Pace Matter?
11:40 Wednesday 4th January 2012

So does it? There's no question that a player's overall pace affects how efficient he is running at the opposition, but is that all a good winger (in particular) needs? I'm going to look at a few of the Premierships quickest players and break…

One Gary Speed
23:37 Monday 28th November 2011

A tribute to the great Gary Speed.I feel it fitting that as a Welsh football fan my first article should be about the legend that is Gary Speed. I was extremely saddened to hear this morning about the passing of the man affectionately known…