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Premier League
What new problems did Manchester United create by signing Raphael Varane?
08:01 Friday 30th July 2021

You can’t blame Manchester United supporters for thinking, “problem solved,” with Raphael Varane officially signed, sealed and delivered to Carrington. The Frenchman unquestionably improves United’s backline. Unfortunately,…

Womens Football
How strong is Manchester United's commitment to women's football?
08:00 Sunday 25th July 2021

A friend is fond of saying that God must be a woman because there is no other way Jesus could have catered to a crowd of five thousand with two fish and five loaves of bread. Whether you’re male or female, producing top results on short…

Premier League
Why is Raphael Varane attempting to flee Real Madrid?
08:00 Saturday 24th July 2021

When it comes to football transfers approaching the nine-digit plateau, there should be no such thing as a stupid question. So, when Jamie O'Hara mooted why Raphael Varane was so desperate to escape the Santiago Bernabeu on TalkSport, it…

Premier League
Can Aston Villa give Emi Martinez the success he desires?
08:01 Tuesday 20th July 2021

As football stories go, Emiliano Martinez's career transformation fell into the overnight box. The Argentine spent virtually his entire Arsenal career on loan at various levels of the Football League, not to mention Spain.…

Which gods inhabit football's Olympus?
08:01 Saturday 17th July 2021

You have to wonder about human evolution. Two or three millennia ago, virtually every civilisation saw the world as a complex place, the depth of which scientists continue to plumb today even as laymen strive to keep things in the simplest…

European Championships
Has Gareth Southgate reached his limit as England manager?
16:31 Monday 12th July 2021

Fear of losing is the fat tabby who whiles away summer afternoons in the barnyard toying with the mouse between his paws. On Sunday, Wembley Stadium was the barnyard and Gareth Southgate was the mouse. The semifinal round offered England fans…

Premier League
Why Billy Gilmour has probably heard Gerry Rafferty
08:01 Sunday 4th July 2021

There’s a saying: Big money equals big problems. Anyone with a capitalist bent will laugh at that but it’s true. Think about all the grief UEFA’s top clubs faced when they attempted to do as they wished with their assets.…

Did Borussia Dortmund do their Jadon Sancho business with selling Erling Haaland in mind?
08:01 Friday 2nd July 2021

There are all sorts of big clubs. At the moment, Bayern, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City and Ajax are the perennial champions. Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Juventus, Milan and, surprisingly, both Real Madrid and Barcelona…

Why Jack Grealish isn't what the Three Lions need
08:01 Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Here’s a pithy play on words that probably won’t please most England fans. When you take the -ish out of Grealish, what remains is an abbreviated form of ‘Get real’. Without a doubt, Captain Jack Grealish is the media…

Premier League
Why Paul Pogba is an open and shut case
08:01 Tuesday 15th June 2021

France invade Germany this evening in a bit of irony that may titillate history buffs but is without doubt the marquee match of the entire group stage for any fan who speaks a language other than English. Regardless, Anglos with a thick northern…

Europa League
Can Ole Gunnar Solskjaer pass the Unai Emery test?
08:01 Tuesday 25th May 2021

Former Arsenal boss Unai Emery plays an especially high stakes game tomorrow evening when his Villarreal side confront Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Manchester United to contest the Europa League Final at the Stadion Energa in Gdansk. Victory places…

Premier League
How will Manchester United approach the post-COVID transfer market?
08:00 Monday 24th May 2021

With the Europa League Final on Wednesday, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer traveled lightly to Molineux this Sunday, leaving most of his key players in Manchester to gather their strength ahead of the more meaningful match. Content with the supporting…

Premier League
Is Anthony Martial fading from the Manchester United picture?
08:00 Tuesday 18th May 2021

Manchester United just renewed Edinson Cavani for another year at Old Trafford. Young Mason Greenwood recently emerged from his sophomore funk. Jesse Lingard is making his case for another chance in Manchester with his play on loan at West…

Managerial News
How long before Roma pay Mourinho to leave?
08:00 Friday 14th May 2021

On Wednesday evening, Arsenal held a 1-0 lead over Chelsea very much against the run of play at Stamford Bridge. Well into stoppage time with Thomas Tuchel having made three positive substitutions in Callum Hudson-Odoi, Olivier Giroud and Hakim…

Premier League
Premier League road to Europe takes unexpected detour through Merseyside
08:01 Thursday 13th May 2021

When the makeup date for the postponed Manchester United/Liverpool match was announced, Premier League fans largely thought their Thursday would be about Manchester. City were poised for the title as United battled to keep it from them…