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Premier League
Should Liverpool have taken the summer off?
09:01 Tuesday 13th August 2019

While the rest of the Premier League hustled and bustled this summer to bring in new players and add to their squad, Liverpool were largely silent. Content with the squad after Champions League success, Jurgen Klopp decided no new big additions…

Life Outside The Premier League - What Do Fans In The Lower Leagues Have To Look Forward To?
14:03 Tuesday 23rd July 2013

It is that time as a football fan that we all dread, it happens every year that ends in an odd number. Luckily we had the Confederations Cup to get us through but now what?If you follow a big Premier League club then you are spending your days…

How Does Arsenal New Boy Lukas Podolski Fit In At The Gunners?
12:47 Sunday 8th April 2012

Following months of speculation, Arsenal are set to announce the signing of German International star Lukas Podolski. Here, I analyse the hit man's strengths and weaknesses, how he will fit in at Arsenal, and his career so far.It is the sort…