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Non League
The Lasting Effects Of The Pandemic On Non-League Football
15:00 Thursday 4th February 2021

Like all aspects of life, football has been hugely impacted by the global pandemic, non more so than non-league football here in England. The majority of clubs operate on a part-time basis and money is tight at the best of times. However, this…

Premier League
What is a fan?
08:00 Monday 26th February 2018

In 2017, philosopher and Liverpool fan (nobody’s perfect) Simon Critchley published a thoughtful book titled “What we think about when we think about football.” IRAIW’s Allan Kemp reviewed it in November. My aunt recently…

All the technology in the world will still not be enough for officials
16:00 Sunday 25th February 2018

Juan Mata stood with a perplexed face when his goal was ruled out at the John Smith’s stadium courtesy of the VAR. Replays showed that the Spaniard’s knee was marginally offside, yet officials were badly criticised by many for awarding…

Top six Premier League club players secretly adored by everyone
19:00 Monday 9th October 2017

Supporters always have favorite Premier League players, sometimes ones who don't represent the club they support. It could be that a certain player is the main reason they started watching football.  Also, there is usually a player among other…

Is Arsenal’s season past the point of no return?
11:00 Thursday 9th March 2017

Although Arsenal remain standing in the FA Cup, as well as contention for the top four in the Premier League, they are enduring troubled times. The club is already out of the title race and suffered humiliation on Tuesday night at the hands…

Real fans don't boo
22:42 Sunday 11th December 2011

We all know that watching football can be frustrating. Afterall, we work hard all week and pay good money to watch our beloved team week in week out, so when they don't perform, despite the massive wages some get paid, it is understandable…

The Riverside Rule
21:06 Monday 27th June 2011

Apologies to Boro fans, but I am afraid that the empty seats at the Riverside Stadium was my main inspiration. Not that I haven't noticed a similar situation at the DW Stadium and other grounds across the country but the Middlesbrough was the…