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Premier League
Talent or consistency? Which will out in this Premier League campaign?
17:56 Tuesday 4th October 2016

We let the stats do the talking, well Martin Palazzotto does with his own Premier League tables. Sixteen-time world champion Ric Flair (or nineteen, twenty-one, two or four, depending on who's counting, it is wrestling, after all) is famous…

You're Not Helping! An Open Letter To The Valley Parade Boo-Boys
14:48 Saturday 28th January 2012

It's difficult to talk about Bradford City without harking back to the past – indeed, many issues surrounding the current season need to be contextualized, not least the behavior of the fans.Getting relegated three times in six years does absolutely…

The African Cup Of Nations - Unearthing Hidden Gems:
22:31 Wednesday 25th January 2012

Africa is often demonised amongst the world of football - not held aloft in the same light as the consistantly successful European sides or even the technical supremacy of the great South American teams.One thing that African sides to have…