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Premier League
How can VAR minimise the madness?
17:02 Thursday 31st October 2019

You’re at the game and your team has just scored a last-minute winner. You jump up to celebrate and thousands of fans jump up with you and share the same elation. Then you all turn around to realise it’s been…

Premier League
How will VAR impact the Premier League?
09:01 Sunday 4th August 2019

The Premier League will introduce the Video Assistant Referee this coming season. The system was used at last year's World Cup and in the 2018/19 Champions League knockout stages. The FA Cup even took it on, albeit only in the stadia which…

Rage against the machine
16:00 Monday 12th March 2018

I am too young to remember the days when football was televised in black and white.  To make matters worse, as the stories invariably go, there would only be one house on the street, or in extreme cases the whole town, which had a television.…

Premier League
The Premier League's new diving ban: an early look
14:00 Monday 21st August 2017

With the first couple of rounds of Premier League games completed there is one issue that some of us may have forgotten about. This factor was introduced quite recently into the game. The new rule brought in last season was for diving, also…

World Cup
Will the Video Assisted Referee be a help or a hindrance?
17:30 Monday 26th June 2017

Technology these days is becoming more advanced and it is now starting to be implemented more within our sports. With the introduction of Video Assisted Referees slowly being brought into our beautiful game is it beneficial or is it disruptive…

The Weird And The Wonderful
Football advances we desperately need
13:30 Wednesday 24th May 2017

Having covered some footballing advances that completely failed; it seemed a good idea to look at the technology the beautiful game could do with researching, funding and implementing ASAP. Granted, some of these may be rather fanciful but…

It's time to give ref baiters the red card
12:30 Tuesday 17th January 2017

There's a familiar lament in the air, typical for the time of year, though it's got nothing to do with festive over-indulgence. Every season, and particularly around the turn of the year, there's a cacophony of complaint about the standard…

Imaginary Red Cards For Imaginary Rules
19:41 Tuesday 17th January 2012

Man City may have stumbled out of their first blip of this season with an important 1-0 win over rock-bottom Wigan Athletic last night, thanks to an intelligent headed goal by Edin Dzeko, some professional possession play and impregnable defending.But…

Technology = Transparency
00:18 Friday 13th January 2012

The debate on whether technology should be integrated in the decision making process of referees has been prevalent for as long as I can remember. Every weekend after every contentious decision - whether it be a borderline offside, harsh red…

International Roundup + Technology Debate
23:50 Monday 5th September 2011

International football is all about pride. To play for your country is thehighest honour that can be bestowed on a footballer. All the money of thenational game goes out of the window. This isn't a job, this is representingyour country on a…