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Real fans don't boo
22:42 Sunday 11th December 2011

We all know that watching football can be frustrating. Afterall, we work hard all week and pay good money to watch our beloved team week in week out, so when they don't perform, despite the massive wages some get paid, it is understandable…

Mancini Can Handle It
22:40 Thursday 13th October 2011

The way in which Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has handled the Carlos Tevez affair has come as no surprise to me and proves his credentials as a world class manager.The incident in Munich has been on the cards for a while for Tevez…

The Two Sides of the Coin: Tevez vs Shamrock Rovers
23:43 Thursday 29th September 2011
By Fez

As the Europa League game between Spurs and Shamrock Rovers was coming to an end, The Hoops' fans were singing, jubilant and extremely proud of their team's performance against Premier League team Spurs! I had watched a team that oozed passion,…

The Price Isn't Right
13:35 Wednesday 20th July 2011

If a player no longer wants to play for a club it is surely only a matter of time before he moves on. Regardless of the stature of the player or the club, the fact that the player is no longer 100% committed is usually enough for fans and everyone…

Transfer Round-Up 11-7
11:11 Tuesday 12th July 2011

Nasri now likes his contract, Inter board to have sandwiches for lunch and talk about a Dutchman, and Tevez still doesn't like rain.I'm going to start on the "Fab" transfer story that even Wenger himself said has been going on for years (maybe…