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The Weird And The Wonderful
7 football cliches that roast my oysters
09:30 Wednesday 31st January 2018

As left backs go, the former Arsenal and Manchester City man Gael Clichy wasn’t the best. He wasn’t bad, however. Had I been a fan of either club I don’t think I’d have tired too soon of seeing him take the pitch. On…

The Weird And The Wonderful
Rio Ferdinand, boxer? Other footballers who made strange career moves
11:00 Wednesday 20th September 2017

On Tuesday morning, Rio Ferdinand announced that he plans to take up professional boxing with his “defender to contender” movement. The announcement has raised a great deal of discussion from those of mockery through to sheer bewilderment. …

2017/18 Premier League predictions
13:30 Monday 4th September 2017

Some things in football are absolutely nailed on and will happen without much question. Jose Mourinho will always have an issue admitting he is wrong, Arsene Wenger will spend 30p on a coffee from the nasty machine instead of heading for Starbucks…

Footballing Heroes - Who are the player's players?
13:30 Tuesday 15th August 2017

Choosing one player to admire is like trying to pick which of your children you love the most; it's just not possible. However, the professionals tend to learn their trade by closely observing their idols and emulating their playing style -…

Football's Natural Successors
14:00 Monday 14th August 2017

Journalists and experts never seem to tire of saying that a young player is destined to be the next 'whosoever' and, all too often, they're proven to be completely incorrect. Does anyone remember Adnan Januzaj being the next Ronaldo? Or Ganso…

The most annoying things from the 2017/18 pre-season
13:30 Thursday 10th August 2017

Is there anyone who truly enjoys pre-season football? The players openly admit (after retiring) how little they enjoy their trips around the world and would no doubt prefer to have a few more weeks at home with their families instead of traipsing…

Premier League
Every Premier League home shirt ranked
16:00 Saturday 29th July 2017

Finally!  What you have all been waiting for: a definitive ranking of next season's Premier League home strips.  20th - Everton So, so boring. This kit belongs to the 1970s. One wonders how someone was actually commissioned to design this shirt.…

Premier League
Jose Mourinho and Romelu Lukaku: There's nothing like a good conspiracy theory
09:00 Monday 17th July 2017

Jose Mourinho and Romelu Lukaku have their history. Like most professionals, however, both understand the past is the past. Chelsea fans who were hoping to get their big striker back at Stamford Bridge? Not so much. If nothing else, it was…

The Weird And The Wonderful
Guillermo Ochoa carries the torch for the misunderstood goalkeeper
10:00 Saturday 15th July 2017

It's said everything is connected. The exception to the rule is goalkeepers. We try to connect with everyone else. But no. Now, Guillermo Ochoa has taken our otherness to an entirely new level. I was born in the United States, grew up in Canada.…

Premier League
Manchester United proves world is crazy by signing Romelu Lukaku
09:00 Monday 10th July 2017

Let's get something straight from the off. I am extremely skeptical regarding Romelu Lukaku's attitude. Nevertheless, for Manchester United, the deal makes sense. The crazy happened afterwards. When the announcement came, the media…

The Weird And The Wonderful
Katy Perry and her undeniable love for football
16:00 Saturday 1st July 2017

In probably the author's biggest claim yet, he analyses the lyrics of the pop star and unearths hidden meanings for the California girl's fascination for football. Of course, we're talking about Katy Perry. Once pictured in lingerie with the…

The weird and wonderful Premier League
13:30 Wednesday 21st June 2017

As one of Europe's most competitive league, the Premier League has an enormous following. Realistically, this should mean that many of you remember these weird and wonderful occurrences from the history books of England's top flight. I bet…

Football Manager Touch, does it stand up to the PC game?
14:15 Monday 12th June 2017

I've played football manager for years. Endless nights when I should have been studying, replaced with lengthy sessions managing virtual football squads. Can the new ‘Touch' edition stand up to the fully-fledged PC game? My earliest…

The Weird And The Wonderful
Today’s football analysis and its problems
17:00 Monday 5th June 2017

We all love football. That's what has brought you right here to this very article and website. Yet, the game today is infected with former players and pundits in suits talking about the game; offering very little content of worth. A football…

The Weird And The Wonderful
Football advances we desperately need
13:30 Wednesday 24th May 2017

Having covered some footballing advances that completely failed; it seemed a good idea to look at the technology the beautiful game could do with researching, funding and implementing ASAP. Granted, some of these may be rather fanciful but…