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Premier League
Is breaking into the Premier League top six an insurmountable task?
08:00 Tuesday 29th January 2019

Manchester United. Manchester City. Chelsea. Liverpool. Arsenal. Tottenham Hotspur. Since the 2009-10 Premier League season, at least five of these teams made the top six places. All six did in four of the nine full seasons, including…

Premier League
On Premier League fans, cake, and the eating thereof
11:18 Friday 16th February 2018

Theodore J Kaczynski was not a Premier League fan. I’m not sure the Unabomber’s remote Montana cabin even had electricity, let alone internet. How was he going to stream matches from the competition’s early years while meticulously…

Looking through the transfer window...
01:10 Tuesday 19th July 2011

...the top six As the summer progresses through days of ever-increasing amounts rain and drizzle, I thought I'd stay indoors and actually write something about the transfer window.I had a look at how well (who I consider to be) the top six…