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Knight of the Twitter Realm
15:00 Tuesday 13th November 2018

Like a gas leak in contact with a naked flame, Twitter and Leon Knight is a volatile combination that will always cause damage. Over the years the journeyman striker has courted controversy and invited criticism for his ill-advised, prejudiced…

Anti-social Media - How fans have blown the chance to connect with their heroes
22:00 Thursday 8th March 2018

Social media is about as social as a drunk shouting at a discarded kebab outside a takeaway after a heavy night. These putrid platforms, these cauldrons of hate, were created to bring people together, to bridge the gap between humans,…

Step in the right direction as Derby ban offensive social media fan
23:30 Wednesday 30th August 2017

Sheffield United convincingly beat Derby 3-1 last Saturday, showing that they will certainly not be whipping boys this season. Sadly, though, the Blades' victory was marred by controversy. Billy Sharp, a football league veteran, opened the…

Long live unique Social Media player announcements
16:00 Monday 10th July 2017

The public should reserve their admonishments on the rise of unique 'social media player announcements' and instead respect the fashion in which clubs are beginning to recognise the importance of connecting with their fans through the social…

Fan engagement: The future of the media
09:30 Friday 30th June 2017

Last week I awoke to a typical Twitter storm. A journalist from the Manchester Evening News had ruffled one too many feathers.......... He shall not be named - not out any sinister reference to Harry Potter, but out of politeness -, but he…

Europa League
Manchester United Drawn to Play Liverpool in Europa League - Twitter Reacts
16:11 Friday 26th February 2016

It had to happen really, if two British teams were set to meet in Europe it could not have played out better than this draw! After wins on Thursday evening for the English teams in the Europa League, the draw that took place earlier today for…

Editors Thoughts
Twitter Reacts To Nigel Pearson's 'Ostrich' Rant
12:26 Friday 1st May 2015

Nigel Pearson has had a tough season, his side Leicester City, look set to be relegated from the Premier League back down to the Championship, despite a promising start at the beginning of the campaign.He's also had a run in with a fan that…

The 10 best tweets about Raheem Sterling's wage demands
09:30 Friday 3rd April 2015

With the news that Liverpool's Raheem Sterling has turned down a £100k a week (yes you read that right, a week!) we trawled Twitter to find the best comebacks, surprisingly a majority of these have come from Liverpool fans.During an interview…

Premier League
Tom Cleverley Takes Part In A Twitter Q&A - It Ends As You Would Expect
16:05 Thursday 11th September 2014

One thing football clubs and the Premier League do so well is organising a Twitter Question and Answer session for players or managers, however these become are ripe for abuse very quickly! In the past we've seen the likes of Harry Redknapp…

World Cup
Twitter Reacts To Latest Luis Suarez Biting Incident
13:08 Wednesday 25th June 2014

Like many viewers of the World Cup match between Uruguay and Italy last night we were left shocked by the latest biting incident by Luis Suarez against the Italian Giorgio Chiellini. This follows the current Liverpool players previous biting…

Premier League
Jose Mourinho Gets Trolled By Rival Fans On Twitter
18:01 Friday 16th May 2014

On paper it sounds like such a good idea to get the manager of one of the largest football teams in the Premier League to take part in a question and answer session on Twitter, however in reality what normally happens is the innocent idea gets…

The Ugly Side Of The Beautiful Game
16:25 Saturday 5th November 2011

In the past few weeks, the Barclays Premier League has been marred by allegations of racism coming from all quarters of the “beautiful game”. The media do their best to persuade us that it's ‘a one off', and is ‘usually confined to Italian…

Newcastle United - Transfer Review
13:40 Friday 2nd September 2011

Transfer deadline day is becoming something of a poisoned chalice to Newcastle United fans. A brief look back at the clubs recent history tells you as much. During the summer of 2008, Newcastle were on a high after the return of former player,…

The Bruce Factor
22:23 Tuesday 30th August 2011

Many fans are already upset with Bruce after the derby day defeat, rightly so. But remember our record against Newcastle is not the best. Also I know some fans were not pleased with his appointment in the first place, I am one of them. But…