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Two Points Lost
12 Days of Football 2018: Seven Sides-a-Sinking
08:00 Friday 28th December 2018

On the 7th Day of Football, UEFA gave to me Seven Sides-a-Sinking Six Games Amazing, FIVE GOLDEN GOALS, Four Calls Blown, Three French Clubs, Two title races and Pep Guardiola's Manchester City Welcome to It's Round and It's White's…

Two dives that could impact the Premier League relegation battle
19:40 Monday 1st May 2017

On Sunday, Swansea and Middlesbrough each fought bravely to earn a point against a Manchester club. However, both managers were aggrieved they did not secure all three points when two highly controversial penalties were given after dives. Manchester…

Bastia Supporters Reënact Dumas' The Corsican Brothers
09:30 Monday 17th April 2017

In 1844, Alexandre Dumas (père) wrote a novel about vengeance centered on two conjoined brothers separated at birth but who still felt each other's pain. It was titled The Corsican Brothers. Cheech and Chong lampooned it on film in 1984. The…

Premier League
There is no such thing as a good draw
09:30 Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Coming away from a football match with a draw is a bit like playing Monopoly, landing on Community Chest, then selecting the card which reads "You Have Won Second Prize in a Beauty Contest -- Collect $10." That is to say, there…

Are Manchester United holding themselves back?
11:43 Monday 6th February 2017

What's the old adage? You can't win for losing? Manchester United have slightly altered the notion. They can't win for drawing. For the second time in 2017, United entered a match knowing they could make up ground on almost all the clubs above…

A Premier League Nativity Scene: No room at the top
12:15 Wednesday 30th November 2016

As I noted yesterday, the thirteen-game mark signifies the Premier League's early doors have closed. Entering the campaign's middle third, the 2016-17 season is shaping up to be perhaps the most hotly contested top-flight campaign in English…

The Expendables, Eight
16:45 Tuesday 29th November 2016

The Premier League's early doors have closed. With every club having played thirteen matches, we have officially entered the campaign's middle third. Usually by this time, teams have sorted themselves. One typically emerges as a front-runner…

Two Points Lost
The Importance of Moussa Dembélé
20:22 Thursday 15th November 2012

In this week's edition of Two Points Lost, Lucas Howe looks at Spurs' new star-man: Moussa Dembélé. Having arrived at Fulham from AZ Alkmaar in 2010, Moussa Dembélé's performances have earned many rave-reviews. This summer the Belgian midfielder…

Two Points Lost
Europa League: a tournament in dire need of a revamp
17:08 Thursday 8th November 2012

In this week's edition of Two Points Lost, Lucas Howe suggests how UEFA should look at fixing the Europa League. Qualifying for any European competition used to be the signal for a successful season within the English game, but in recent years…

Two Points Lost
Racism in football: time to really kick it out
16:31 Thursday 1st November 2012

In this week's edition of Two Points Lost, Lucas Howe calls on UEFA to be more forceful in their punishment of racial abuse.  Following England U21s qualification to the European Championships next year at the hands of Serbia, huge brawls broke…

Two Points Lost
Footballers and Social-Networking: a recipe for disaster?
19:22 Thursday 18th October 2012

In this week's Two Points Lost, Lucas Howe explores the combination of footballers and social-media and asks - is it all just a bad idea? Ashley Cole and Ryan Bertrand's recent Twitter outbursts have been criticised by many for being too outspoken.…

Two Points Lost
AVB and the Friedel/Lloris dilemma
19:47 Thursday 11th October 2012

In this week's edition of Two Points Lost, Lucas Howe praises AVB's handling of the goalkeeping selection headache at Tottenham.  Since being signed from Lyon for £8m on transfer deadline day, Hugo Lloris has endured a difficult start to his…

Two Points Lost
Footballing pet-peeve: inappropriate squad numbers
15:33 Thursday 4th October 2012

In this week's Two Points Lost, Lucas Howe   delves into the trivial, yet frustrating, bane of his footballing life: inappropriate squad numbers. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to football. I like my wingers hugging the touchline and tearing…

Two Points Lost
Finding form after PL failure
17:49 Thursday 27th September 2012

In this week's edition of Two Points Lost, Lucas Howe looks at a selection of Premier League flops who have gone on to find better things on the continent. As I was running the statistics on the Bayern Munich versus Valencia game in the Champions…

Two Points Lost
PSG: Bought success will come, but not this season.
13:34 Wednesday 19th September 2012

In this inaugural edition of weekly column Two Points Lost, Lucas Howe looks into PSG's chances this season having failed under new Qatari investors last time out, and warns the fans should be prepared for another disappointing campaign. High-level…