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Video Games
Five free football games to play in lockdown
15:00 Tuesday 26th January 2021

These are hard times we’re living in. Many of us are stuck at home are out of work and looking for things to do. For football fans, things might be especially difficult with many competitions disrupted by the dreaded coronavirus and the…

Womens Football
FIFA 19 adds the Women's World Cup
15:00 Wednesday 12th June 2019

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the FIFA video game series. Hell, I've spent many red-eyed sessions when I should have taken slumber hours prior to seeing the alert: update complete.  Update? The Women's World Cup!…

Video Games
FIFA 19 Champions Cup: Bucharest round-up
17:00 Wednesday 12th December 2018

FIFA has never been so big as an eSport. With more people trying to break into it as a professional, it's quickly moving up in the competitive gaming industry. The latest instalment, FIFA 19, was released in September. The major events…

Video Games
FIFA 19 Review: Does the new game offer anything new?
15:00 Wednesday 17th October 2018

The yearly football video game juggernaut is now out, but how is the latest version stacking up on the field? Big money signing EA have always dominated in licences and big names with Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar the cover stars this year.…

Video Games
Review: Pro Evolution Soccer - can this be the year the game tops the charts?
08:00 Tuesday 11th September 2018

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has a head start in the annual battle to be the year’s top football video game, but has it done enough to lift the trophy? PES v FIFA, a battle for the ages that has gone on now for nearly two decades. In the…

Video Games
Msdossary takes FIFAeWorldCup home for Saudi Arabi
15:00 Monday 6th August 2018

The World Cup in Russia this summer was a fantastic festival of football. However, Saudi Arabi were unable to make it out of the group stage after defeats to Russia and Uruguay. In the FIFA e World Cup, Mosaad 'Mdossary' Aldossary gave…

Video Games
World Cup 2018: The Video Game
15:00 Sunday 10th June 2018

Football video games are a staple of my life. The crossover between reality and virtuality is beautiful. FIFA's series usually creates a seamless stream of verisimilitude which encapsulates my attention way beyond the recommended session…

Video Games
FIFA 18: Manchester FUT Champions Cup this weekend
09:00 Saturday 14th April 2018

Competitive FIFA hits Manchester this weekend as professional players from all over the world head to the United Kingdom for their shot at a $200,000 prize pool. Esports have never been bigger and for football, FIFA 18 has never seen numbers…

Video Games
FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona this weekend
09:30 Saturday 27th January 2018

FIFA18 is one of the biggest growing esports, with players competing online on a daily basis. This weekend marks the first big tournament of the FIFA18 season, as the top players from around the globe head to Barcelona to try and win a…

Video Games
Win your way to FIFA 18 eSport glory
17:05 Sunday 5th November 2017

FIFA has been a competitive eSport since 2004, but it has grown immensely in the last few years. If you've ever wanted to go from playing your mates to earning mega money, he re is how you can compete against the pros in Fifa 18. eSports…

FIFA 18: Squad Battles the mode in high demand
11:00 Monday 16th October 2017

FIFA 18 has a new feature this season, which offers a different way to play Ultimate Team. The recent addition of Squad Battles is taking gamers by storm. Ultimate TeamFor many years FIFA Ultimate Team has been the most popular mode. It's also…

Review - Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
13:30 Thursday 5th October 2017

It is that time of year again when the two giants of football video gaming go head-to-head, but three weeks after Pro Evolution Soccer 2018's release or (PES as it's known by fans), how is the game shaping up? 10 years ago PES was the purist's…

World Cup
Beam me back to South Africa: The 2010 FIFA World Cup game
12:00 Friday 29th September 2017

Another addition to this little series of visiting football video games from the past. Today is the turn of the 2010 FIFA World Cup game. It wanted to encapsulate the celebration and party atmosphere of that year's tournament in South Africa.…

Video Games
Retro Football Games: FIFA 14
13:30 Thursday 7th September 2017

Today, we look at the ‘14 edition of FIFA. An exciting game which like all the other editions – tried to give you an authentic football experience. Yet, how does FIFA 14 stand up now? Can it hold a candle to the upcoming FIFA 18 release? First…

Video Games
Five Youngsters To Target In FIFA 18 Career Mode
15:30 Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Who doesn't love to play FIFA? Whether it's a quick game or the Career Mode, the world's best football simulator offers alternatives for players who want to fully experience what is like to manage a club to the top of the world. And in this…