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The 10 best tweets about Raheem Sterling's wage demands
09:30 Friday 3rd April 2015

With the news that Liverpool's Raheem Sterling has turned down a £100k a week (yes you read that right, a week!) we trawled Twitter to find the best comebacks, surprisingly a majority of these have come from Liverpool fans.During an interview…

"In A Rich Man's World" - One Man's View On Footballs Millions
22:54 Tuesday 10th January 2012

The majority of football fans find it hard to swallow that the stars of their game earn the outrageous amounts they do. However, has anybody ever thought in depth as to why?If anything, we as fans are responsible for the players we pay money…

What can a Salary cap give Football?
17:30 Sunday 10th July 2011

Football has come a long way in the past 15 years. The introduction of big media and foreign investment has seen the wages of even the youngest, most unproven of players soar well above what your average 'man in the street' earns. The common…