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Premier League
Why Arsene Wenger isn't a worthy Arsenal legend
18:00 Wednesday 9th May 2018

October 1996, Arsene Wenger arrived at Arsenal. Ever since then, he has been unwilling to vacate his seat. Nothing lasts forever, though. The French manager will step down this summer.    Deciding to leave the Emirates didn't…

Premier League
Goodnight Sweet Prince: Arsene Wenger Set To Leave Arsenal
13:05 Friday 20th April 2018

Sheet music for a four-bar blues. You only have three bars out of four. You keep playing and playing but it never gives you the satisfaction of the finished piece. It’s never enough. One bar too short, it always sounds unfinished –…

Premier League
Brighton and Hove Albion 2-1 Arsenal : Three Talking Points
08:00 Monday 5th March 2018

We want Wenger out! The chant emanated from the visiting section at the AmEx Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Chris Hughton's Brighton had outclassed Arsene Wenger's Arsenal in the first half. From Pascal Gross' cross, Shane…

Premier League
On Premier League fans, cake, and the eating thereof
11:18 Friday 16th February 2018

Theodore J Kaczynski was not a Premier League fan. I’m not sure the Unabomber’s remote Montana cabin even had electricity, let alone internet. How was he going to stream matches from the competition’s early years while meticulously…

Four things we won’t remember about 2016/17 Premier League season
11:00 Saturday 20th May 2017

Unless you work as a pundit or commentator, chances are you don't need to retain an enormous knowledge on football categorised by season. There are such ‘Statto' characters out there but they aren't exactly the people you want to stand around…