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Premier League
Not the best week for Premier League goalkeepers
08:01 Friday 13th March 2020

How many times have you heard it said goalkeepers are a breed apart? It isn’t a lie. The game's last line of defence exerts tremendous pressure. No one minds your back when you fluff your lines. The ball nestles in the back of the…

Premier League
2019/20 Chelsea Premier League preview
17:00 Wednesday 7th August 2019

For Chelsea supporters, they're experiencing the dreaded feeling of heading into a Premier League campaign unable to sign new players.  Frank Lampard’s litmus test begins on Sunday when taking his Blues squad to square up…

Premier League
Did John Terry just game the Chelsea propaganda machine?
08:00 Tuesday 26th February 2019

Humans are hierarchal. We need leaders even if it’s only to tear them down. At the same time that we criticise leaders, we expect others within an organization to follow the chain of command. That is why Kepa Arrizabalaga’s behaviour…

Premier League
Chelsea's Squad Review - Who Stays and Who Goes in Goal?
15:30 Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Antonio Conte had an exceptional first season in English football. As well as reaching the FA Cup final, the Italian won the Premier League crown convincingly. His second campaign, however, fell short. It brought back symptoms which have characterised…

World Cup
Sampaoli or Messi: Who will become Argentina's scapegoat?
08:00 Tuesday 26th June 2018

Argentina have dug themselves a big hole. A round of 16 place is not guaranteed after they drew to Iceland and lost to Croatia. It's not even do-or-die for Los Gauchos. They must win the game against Nigeria with a bigger goal difference…

Match Reports
Brighton 0-4 Chelsea: Talking points
09:00 Sunday 21st January 2018

Eden Hazard put in a man of the match performance as Chelsea bulldozed through Brighton & Hove Albion. Mathew Ryan collected the ball from his goal a whopping four times. Coming in, Chelsea had a mini-crisis. Alvaro Morata…

Six Manchester City players face uncertain futures
14:30 Friday 7th April 2017

Pep Guardiola is expected to make major personnel changes this summer as he aims to improve his squad for next season. With six Manchester City player's contracts ending, futures remain undecided. Which stars will stay at the Etihad? Willy…

Pep Guardiola forgets that goalkeepers need hands
17:00 Thursday 2nd March 2017

Joe Hart's future will be decided at the end of the season, according to Pep Guardiola, a man who has seemingly forgotten that goalkeepers need hands.