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Premier League
Can a winter break help the Premier League in Europe?
12:00 Monday 4th February 2019

For years, the Premier League’s refusal to take a winter break made headlines. England was the only country in Europe's top five leagues to play through the festive season. The Spanish use their nine-day hiatus to dominate Europe.…

Premier League
Why a Premier League winter break won't help England
09:30 Saturday 3rd March 2018

A Premier League winter break looks increasingly likely to happen. The favoured proposal suggests a staggered break over two weeks in February. Five games from a single matchday would be played one weekend, the other five the following. The…

Premier League
Premier League considers winter break: What needs to be moved?
08:00 Thursday 15th February 2018

A winter break won’t be approved for at least another 18 months but it’s being discussed. Premier League clubs appear to be in favour of the move. Managers and players are professionals. We tend to forget they are…

Premier League
Winter break in February?
17:30 Thursday 21st December 2017

The Premier League should set aside a week in February. This debate has raged for decades. It emerges, sleepy-eyed, a little perturbed at being woken, slowly evolving into a full-blown rage at the powers that be. The absence of a break is blamed…

Do we need a winter break in football?
08:00 Friday 9th January 2015

George Marrable asks the question of whether football should close down during the winter in the UK, what do you think? Comment below: Clubs in England have just finished their "gruelling" Christmas fixture list in their respective leagues…

England National Team
Injuries, under-performing Germans and tired teenagers: the winter break debate.
12:04 Tuesday 21st October 2014

Declan Fisher takes a look at the effects that the English football season could be having on players Roy Hodgson's openness about Raheem Sterlings' omission from the England starting line-up in Talinn last weekend probably wasn't expected…

Week 16 Predictions 17/12/11
00:54 Saturday 17th December 2011

The start of the season is always exciting. No one knows exactly how their team is going to do and it is the first chance to see new signings in action. The end of the season is always tense. With so much money in football today, single games…