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Three World Class players who will redeem themselves this season.
12:30 Tuesday 25th July 2017

World class players are footballers that are amongst the best in the world in their respective positions. They're also players who consistently alter the course of games with moments of brilliance. Managers build their teams around them and…

Are there actually any world class teams in English football?
13:15 Tuesday 7th March 2017

Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are undoubtedly the best clubs in the world, and a tier above the next best too. Some might argue that Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Dortmund and PSG are world class too, depending on where you draw the…

What does it mean to be World Class?
14:00 Sunday 29th January 2017

The Oxford English Dictionary defines 'world class' as 'of or among the best in the world'. Having said that, there remains a lot of debate around the term when it comes to football. All-time Premier League top-scorer and pundit Alan Shearer…