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World Cup
Tiki-Taka No More: Why Spain need to re-invent themselves following recent World Cup exit
12:00 Wednesday 4th July 2018

Shocking results at the World Cup. They don't come much more shocking than Spain exiting in the Round of 16. What's that Germany? Oh, right. Sorry. Nevertheless, La Roja returned home following a lacklustre display against Russia. A…

Why deep-lying midfielders deserve more credit
16:30 Wednesday 6th December 2017

There are always debates regarding the most vital position in football. Some argue that the centre-half is the most important, some still adhere to the old saying – ‘central-midfield is the heart of the team’. Others…

James Rodriguez will fit perfectly at Bayern Munich
15:50 Monday 17th July 2017

Nobody saw it coming. However, Bayern Munich dropped one of the biggest transfer bombs this summer with their most recent acquisition. The Bundesliga giants secured a deal to land James Rodriguez on a two-year loan from Real Madrid. James has…

Au Revoir: Three greats retiring at the end of the season
10:00 Wednesday 17th May 2017

It's normally a time of no great shakes for football fans when the season is about to conclude. The beautiful game won't be around every weekend as it used to be, and fans have to wait almost 90 days for the leagues to explode into action again.…

The halfway line goal - not as impressive as you think
15:21 Tuesday 14th March 2017

We've all seen them and we've all marvelled at the sheer class a halfway line goal shows but, if you take a closer look and disassemble the goal itself, they may not be anywhere near as impressive as you might imagine. Here's a breakdown of…

Xabi Alonso: Adored by most, rated by all
19:50 Saturday 11th March 2017

It hasn't exactly been a secret that Xabi Alonso plans to hang up his boots this summer, albeit nothing was confirmed. However this week the Spanish midfielder posted a picture and caption combination on Twitter, that left the majority of football…

Predicting the future for the best in the world
17:45 Sunday 19th February 2017

Recently, we took a look into what some footballers of the past are up to these days with some interesting results. Now, I'll be digging out my Crystal Ball once again and attempt to predict what some of the best players in the wolrd will be…

A look back at Xabi Alonso’s astonishing career
15:00 Monday 23rd January 2017

Xabi Alonso is set to retire when his contract with Bayern Munich expires at the end of the season. The 35-year-old has had a truly successful career, winning a great deal of trophies and accolades internationally and in the top leagues in…

Does English Football Lack The Deep-Lying Playmaker?
21:29 Wednesday 28th March 2012

Watching Juventus play, it can be easy to compare their players to those in England who have similar playing styles. There are plenty of similar or lesser quality, who play like Mirko Vucinic, Arturo Vidal and even Alessandro Del Piero. However,…

Liverpool: the midfield problem and the dead wood which just won't go away.
01:41 Thursday 21st July 2011

Since the days of Rafa Benitez to the long awaited appointment of King Kenny, Liverpool FC have been continually criticised for having a squad which simply could not compete with the in depth quality of Manchester United and Chelsea. During…