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J League
J2 and the Gauntlet of Hate
09:00 Wednesday 21st November 2018

Football bureaucracy is terrible, isn’t it? Procedural hindrances plague Japan’s football system like you wouldn’t believe. J2 took a body blow goal to its autonomy at season's end, this year. Let us file the paperwork…

J League
In Yokohama, there is a stadium that has divided a city
17:00 Monday 9th July 2018

The greatest battles are internal. Derbies define us. Whose colours do we wear? Whose banner do we fly? Who are we proud to stand with? For what do we stand? In this manner, the Emperor’s Cup fits the same criteria as the FA Cup. A famous…

Meet Kazu Miura, the oldest outfield footballer in history
11:30 Thursday 9th March 2017

Kazu Miura wrote his name among football folklore when he featured for Japan's second division club,  Yokohama FC, against V-Varen Nagasaki on Sunday to become the oldest outfield player of all-time, aged 50 years and 7 days. It's certainly…