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What next for Eritrea after historic cup campaign?
17:01 Monday 23rd December 2019

When one thinks of African international football, it’s unlikely that Eritrea would be the first name on the list. The war-torn state is better known for its perpetual instability than its footballing prowess. But this year’s edition…

Is Joey Veerdam the Eredivisie's next star?
12:00 Saturday 14th December 2019

The Netherlands are bristling with youth prospects. The country’s academies are churning them out at an astonishing rate, benefitting from a focus on development and high standards of coaching. But unless these starlets happen to be on…

What does Mats Hummels’ homecoming prove about Dortmund and Bayern?
15:00 Tuesday 25th June 2019

This past Wednesday, it was announced Mats Hummels will return to Borussia Dortmund. The central defender leaves Bayern Munich after a three-year spell, for a £34 million fee. Looking ahead to next season, this transfer is certain to…

Premier League
4 major tasks the next Arsenal manager must complete
14:00 Monday 7th May 2018

On 20 April, Arsene Wenger announced he was leaving Arsenal. The news sent shockwaves through the footballing world. Having practically run the club single-handedly for the past 22 years, the Frenchman won't be there next season.  …

England National Team
The meteoric rise of Marcus Rashford
12:00 Thursday 7th September 2017

After leading his country a step closer to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Marcus Rashford is the name on everybody's lips; and rightly so. With a goal and an assist at Wembley against Slovakia, the 19-year-old once again showed the world why…

Who Should Take Responsibility For The England U21 Performance?
09:30 Saturday 15th June 2013

Who was to blame for the England performance in the U21 European Championships, was it the squad or the manager? Declan Fisher takes a look As the dust settles on England's departure from the under-21 European Championships in Israel, it is…

Passionate Football
00:14 Monday 9th July 2012

Where Does Passion for Football Come From?On the It's Round and It's White website one of the first sentences under the "Write for Us" tab is "Here at It's Round and It's White we are always looking for new writers that share our passion for…

Newcastle United - Transfer Review
13:40 Friday 2nd September 2011

Transfer deadline day is becoming something of a poisoned chalice to Newcastle United fans. A brief look back at the clubs recent history tells you as much. During the summer of 2008, Newcastle were on a high after the return of former player,…