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England National Team
Why England Needs a Semi-Developmental League
13:00 Sunday 1st April 2018

Whilst the name isn’t too appealing, the concept of a semi-developmental league is actually a very interesting one. For years in England, we’ve argued about how English youth players get overlooked by foreign players. These days,…

Never Thought I’d Say This: Steven Taylor Is Spot On
15:30 Friday 3rd February 2017

When I hear the name Steven Taylor, my first thoughts are of that pathetic attempt of getting away with the most blatant of handballs against Aston Villa. That's closely followed by the sheer disbelief that he played nearly 200 Premier League…

England National Team
Too Much Too Soon?
17:05 Thursday 3rd March 2016

Will putting young players in the spotlight put too much pressure on them? Benik Afobe, Marcus Rashford, Delle Alli, Danny Drinkwater, Eric Dier, Harry Kane and that's just for starters.With such an abundance of emerging young talent, it is…